Nature bags

From small packaging bags for flower bulbs to a huge fireworks bag. Made of cotton, jute, polyester or PP non-woven …. it’s all possible at UTS the source.


Big Shopper ’t Leeuweriksveld
Big Shopper Blueberry
BULBS BAGS Strawberries
Big Shopper Schooltuinen
Big Shoppers Intratuin
Sustainable Paper Tote Intratuin
Craft Paper Zorgaccent
Shopper Dierenbescherming
Shopper Bulb Flowers
Cooler / Shopper Wateringen
Foldable Bag Kiwi
Foldable Bag Waldkorn
Wolky Zip
Another Bag Tally-Ho ruit
Another Bag Tally-Ho Grey
Tally-Ho Tote Heart
Tally-Ho Tote
Tally-Ho Tote Smile
Backpack Disney Channel
Ditty Bag Volkskrant
Shopper Canvas Garcia
Shopper Bogaert
Grocery Bag Van Toor
Shoulder Bag UU
Shoulder Bag Hartog
Caprice Tote
Shopper Diesel
Shopper Boheemen
Shopper Olink
Jute Bag Bakkum
Shopper Vlaamsch Broodhuys
Shoulder Bag UU
Foldable Bag Gogh
Foldable Bag Moroccanoli
Foldable Bag Pets
Foldable Bag Fruit
Foldable Bag Breda
Foldable Bag Ockenburg
Foldable Bag Ockenburg
Backpack East Amigo
Big Shopper Bib Hoorn
Bowling Bag Drunens
DJ Bag Explosives
Back Pack East Kixx RED
Back Pack East Kixx LT.BLUE
Global Champions Tour Tote
Green Bag Booheemen
Green Bag Bella Donna
Fresh Fish Greenbag
Green Bag Man Bijt Hond
Green Bag Tally-Ho
Green Bag Zus & Zo
Green Bag Tally-HO
Greenbag Tally-Ho
Greenbag Gewoon
Rugtas gemaakt van soepel vallen polyester materiaal
Lyon Zip Bag VVV NH
Sapph Promotional Bag printed Zebra
PP Woven Shopper Dog
PP Woven Shopper Cat
PP Woven Shopper Goldfish
Big Shopper Turtle
Big Shopper Rabbit
Big Shopper Parrot
Shopper Renske Cat
Shopper Renske Dog
Shopper Pink Tulips
Shopper Mixed Daffodils
Shopper Hyacinthus
Joe & Brown Tote
Bulbs Bags Daffodils
Bulbs Bags Red Tulips
Small Foldable Bag King Louie
Foldable Bag Albert Heijn
Foldable Bag King Louie
Shopper Tea & Coffee
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