Eco bags

The category ‘eco bags’ includes all our promotional bags with a green touch. A rich portfolio of bags ranging from jute to cotton and from linen to PP woven bags.

Big Shopper Kraft
Big Shopper Kraft
Big Shopper Kringwinkel
Big Shopper Vrouwen Van Nu
Sustainable Paper Tote Intratuin
Craft Paper Zorgaccent
Imperishable Craft Paper
Foldable Bag Black
Foldable Bag Bread
Foldable Bag Hofmann
Foldable Bag Hartog
Foldable Bag Poldervaart
Foldable Bag LifeStyle
Foldable Bag  Zeeman
Foldable Bag Waldkorn
Foldable Bag Venema
Draagtas in vilt voor adidas
Foldable Bag Blauw Zwart
Ruby Bag
Fantasy Bag
RPET Shopper Emilie
Wolky Zip
Tally-Ho Tote Smile
Garcia Huge Bag
Ditty Bag Volkskrant
Shopper Canvas Garcia
Shopper Luso
Vogue Shopper
Grocery Bag Van Toor
Shoulder Bag UU
Azzuro Bag
Shoulder Bag Hartog
Van Es Tote
Caprice Tote
Shopper Diesel
Shopper Boheemen
Shopper Olink
Jute Bag Bakkum
Shopper Vlaamsch Broodhuys
Wine Bag Sante
Shoulder Bag UU
Foldable Bag Kleij
Foldable Bag Gogh
Foldable Bag Pets
Foldable Bag Fruit
Foldable Bag Malkenhorst
Foldable Bag Quinty
Foldable Bag Ockenburg
Vanan Tote
Green Bag Booheemen
Green Bag Bella Donna
Fresh Fish Greenbag
Green Bag Surya
Green Bag Jongejans
Green Bag Zus & Zo
Green Bag Tally-HO
Greenbag EPZ
Greenbag Anita
Greenbag Tally-Ho
Greenbag Gewoon
Webbag Tally-Ho
Webbag Nolten
Folder Bag Anita
Webbag Cosmic Cowboys
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